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Flute Tuition


Some recent quotes from students and Flute Choir members:

“Sue’s flute lessons are a cocktail of patience and humour combined with technical excellence.”
Val, student from Minehead, Somerset
“I got such a warm and friendly welcome when I joined Sue’s flute choir last year. It’s very uplifting playing a wide variety of music with like-minded people who want to have fun and Sue is wonderfully encouraging and supportive.”
Liz, member of Blooming Flutes, Somerset
“The sense of achievement at the end of the concerts, even allowing for my bum notes, is similar to turning round to look at the view at the top of a difficult climb. Amazing. Thank you.”
Mature student from Minehead, Somerset
“Sue took me from being a complete beginner to the point where I am able to play and enjoy real music. She has had to overcome my shyness and advanced age and achieved something quite remarkable. I can now stand up in public and play the flute and have people ask for more. Sue has also introduced me to the delights of playing music with others — a joy that I had no knowledge of before she took on the challenge of teaching me flute.”
Stuart from Minehead, Somerset

Flute Tuition

Flute Choir
(for adults of all standards)